Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Songs [sans] Jane" - The entire Maroon 5 album

The entire Maroon 5 album with an altered word for hilarious consequences:

  • 1: "[Inhaler] to Breathe" - Is anyone out there, with an inhaler, cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe...

  • 2: "This [Tollbooth]" - I shouldn't find this funny... This tollbooth has taken it's toll on me...

  • 3: "[Shivering]" - A gerund version of the song.

  • 4: "She Will be [liked, but we're not quite there in our relationship]" - More realistic for her.

  • 5: "[Not-Tangled]" - If we're going with opposites, that's exactly right.

  • 6: "The [Son]" - Oh-HO! You see what I did there?

  • 7: "Must Get [Honeycomb]" - Remember those commercials with that little demon?

  • 8: "Sunday [Mourning]" - YES! Please see the explanation for number 6.

  • 9: "[Seacrest]" - Ryan Seacrest should have a song devoted to him.

  • 10: "[Threw] With You" - I am on such a mother f'ing roll. This is probably a song about a son who played catch with his pop.

  • 11: "Not [Selling] Home" - Why would you with this economy? Let's wait...

  • 12: "Sweetest [Skittle]" - I'm going to argue the purple one.

MAN, that was good.

"I Will [Loan] You a New Life" and other songs for the 90's I shamelessly love

Songs from the 90's, mostly from the late 90's (and who are we kidding, the early 2000's), that I shamelessly love, altered to change their meaning.

  • "I Will [Loan] You a New Life" by Everclear - With this economy, it's just not in the cards.

  • "[Shave] Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry - Alright, that one was a little cheap... but the stubble has got to go!

  • "[Kinda] Wanna Be With You" by Hootie and the Blowfish - Meh... you're okay...

  • "Lightning [Crashes but is in no way related to an abortion]" by Live - The exact opposite of the actual song.

  • "Don't Look Back in [Haste, unless you want to turn into Salt]" by Oasis - Biblical Oasis. That's a great name for a band.

  • "Semi-Charmed [Wife]" by Third Eye Blind - LIKE THE SHOW BEWITCHED!

  • "Everything [Lou] Want" by Vertical Horizon - Lou want everything... Lou a cave man...

I'm extremely proud of that last one.

"It's Still Rock And [Paper and Scissors] To Me" and other Billy Joel songs

Several altered titles to some of Billy Joel's greatest hits.

  • "It's Still Rock & [Paper & Scissors] to me" by Billy Joel - An epic tune about the greatest way to solve disputes

  • "Piano [Fan]" by Billy Joel - A song about how he really loves everything about Pianos

  • "We [Attempted to] Start the Fire" by Billy Joel - He really did want to start the fire, but he just couldn't find the right kindling. An informative song.

  • "New York State of [New York]" by Billy Joel - A very redundant song.

  • "Just the Way You [Is]" by Billy Joel - The backwoods remix.

  • "The River of [Streams]" by Billy Joel - Another very redundant song.

Everybody's Working [During] the Weekend! and other songs about work

Several songs pertaining to the working life with one word replaced with a word or phrase that changes its meaning.

  • "Working [during] the weekend" by Loverboy - Obviously wrong, but what I'm doing right now

  • "She Works Hard for the [right for gainful employment]" by Donna Summer - actually this was the Cuban version when they were fighting batista

  • "Takin' Care of [grandma]" by BTO - Duh duh, duh duh... TAKING CARE OF GRANDMA!

  • "Working Class [Nero]" by John Lennon - oh man I actually want to hear that song so bad

  • "9 [til] 5" by Dolly Parton - A strange song about 4:51 PM.

  • "Welcome to the [Shark] Week" by Elvis Costello - This really should be Shark Week's theme song

  • "A Hard Day's [Journey into Night]" by the Beatles - A long awaited Eugene O'Neill/Paul McCartney mash up.