Saturday, May 9, 2009

"It's Still Rock And [Paper and Scissors] To Me" and other Billy Joel songs

Several altered titles to some of Billy Joel's greatest hits.

  • "It's Still Rock & [Paper & Scissors] to me" by Billy Joel - An epic tune about the greatest way to solve disputes

  • "Piano [Fan]" by Billy Joel - A song about how he really loves everything about Pianos

  • "We [Attempted to] Start the Fire" by Billy Joel - He really did want to start the fire, but he just couldn't find the right kindling. An informative song.

  • "New York State of [New York]" by Billy Joel - A very redundant song.

  • "Just the Way You [Is]" by Billy Joel - The backwoods remix.

  • "The River of [Streams]" by Billy Joel - Another very redundant song.

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