Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Songs [sans] Jane" - The entire Maroon 5 album

The entire Maroon 5 album with an altered word for hilarious consequences:

  • 1: "[Inhaler] to Breathe" - Is anyone out there, with an inhaler, cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe...

  • 2: "This [Tollbooth]" - I shouldn't find this funny... This tollbooth has taken it's toll on me...

  • 3: "[Shivering]" - A gerund version of the song.

  • 4: "She Will be [liked, but we're not quite there in our relationship]" - More realistic for her.

  • 5: "[Not-Tangled]" - If we're going with opposites, that's exactly right.

  • 6: "The [Son]" - Oh-HO! You see what I did there?

  • 7: "Must Get [Honeycomb]" - Remember those commercials with that little demon?

  • 8: "Sunday [Mourning]" - YES! Please see the explanation for number 6.

  • 9: "[Seacrest]" - Ryan Seacrest should have a song devoted to him.

  • 10: "[Threw] With You" - I am on such a mother f'ing roll. This is probably a song about a son who played catch with his pop.

  • 11: "Not [Selling] Home" - Why would you with this economy? Let's wait...

  • 12: "Sweetest [Skittle]" - I'm going to argue the purple one.

MAN, that was good.

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